Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's a shame that I had to take a step back so soon after just getting this photography thing going. If you're looking for an excuse, here it is! Because of that, I have no new shoots to share. I know, bummer! But here's a few pictures that I took over the summer with my grandpa's Nikon micro 55mm. I shoot with a Canon but you can buy adapters so you can use Nikon lenses on a Canon body. Shooting macro is really addicting! It's really fun to see what kind of world opens up when you get really close! Enjoy these SOOC images!
It took me awhile to realize that you can get super close. Even more than what I did! If you look super close at this picture you can see that the flower has bright, almost fluorescent, specks.

 A big bumble bee was flying around and I was trying really hard not to freak out because I was getting a little too close for comfort!

Found this little guy's home
I love this super wide aperture!!!

And this one is obviously not SOOC. I just felt like playing around with some textures. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Melissa said...

Looks good Jenny.
Miss you.

Ashleigh said...

Pretty awesome! Nate wants a macro lens sooo bad. But I have other plans for our next lens purchase, since Im the one that actually uses the camera! :)

Ryan said...

Cool babe, you never showed these to me. They look great.